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At EYE BATTER we believe that our success is purely dependent on yours and therefore make YOU our top priority. We have done our research on products available to you and stand behind ours with 100% confidence. Every item made available to you on EYE BATTER Web Site has been tested and approved by trained specialist so that you may purchase them with trust and confidence.

We manufacture EYE BATTER Lashes that are of superior quality at the industry’s lowest prices because we have the ability to sell them directly to you. EYE BATTER provides its industry leading products to companies worldwide and makes sure these valuable customers are fully satisfied with the entire ordering process and product.


Do lashes hold up in the summer?

Humidity, as well as water and oils from your sunscreen and the beach, actually enable lashes to hold up better. We do recommend avoiding direct sun light. If someone comes in who is sensitive and needs to use different glue, we suggest using oil-free products and more care. Either way, lashes are a great, easy way to look natural and glamorous in the summer heat, without mascara and makeup dripping down your face.

Is it safe to apply lashes yourself?

Never. The process includes really strong glue that’s semi-permanent and requires the application of lashes one at a time using tweezers.

Do eyelash extensions damage or make your natural lashes fall out?

Your eyelashes are constantly growing and shedding, just like the hair on your head. An eyelash has a finite life of 60-90 days and will naturally fall out at different cycles

Will my natural eyelashes come out with your extensions?

In actuality, your extensions will fall out with and when your natural ones do. If you are seeing eyelash extensions shedding and your natural lash isn’t still attached to the extension, you are losing your extensions prematurely and should consult with your stylist as to the cause.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

If eyelash extensions are applied properly, you shouldn’t feel anything at all but the movement of your natural eyelashes. If your eyelash extensions are hurting, something is wrong with your lash application.

Do eyelash extensions cause eye diseases of infections?

With proper sanitation and disinfecting of tools there should be minimal or non-existent incidents. If you are properly educated with the post care and do’s and don’ts of the lashes then there shouldn’t be any issues.


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